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Top 7 Car Wash Vending Machine Items

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Top 7 Car Wash Vending Machine Items

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Monday, July 30, 2018

Every inch of your operation needs to be optimized for profit. Even if you focus on high-end full-service washes, a spare corner can quickly become a money-maker when you add vending products that speak to your customer’s needs. These are our top seven vending machine items.

Air Fresheners

Did you know that scientists say we can smell happiness? Little Trees have been a brand leader for a long time – in part because they’re just so cute – and they provide options for hanging fresheners, clips, and sprays. Whether you carry Little Trees or another brand, your customers deserve a whiff of happiness.

Armor All Products

Everything’s in the name. “Armor”: these products powerfully protect car surfaces. “All”: with specialized sprays, gels, and wipes, this brand has a product for nearly every part of the automobile and is sure to be recognized by your customers.

Specialty Wipes

There are plenty of options to make sure a car’s interior and exterior are free of dirt and dust. While some of these products might not have the same brand recognition as a company like Armor All, they provide great margins for operators and excellent quality for customers.

Foaming Tire Cleaners

Cleaning without any hard work is more than a daydream. Foaming tire cleaners can clean, shine, and protect your tires in just a few minutes without any wiping. Not only do you get a factory-new look, but many tire foams protect against cracking and sidewall fading.

Glass Cleaner

Whether it’s bugs, dirt and debris, or smudges from little hands and paws, windows are hard to keep picture-perfect. Provide your customers with glass cleaners for their self-serve needs during their stay, and they might even grab extras for use between visits.

Scrub Pads

If you run a self-serve operation, then your customers aren’t just going to wish their cars clean. They need tools to get the dirt and grime off their precious automobiles. Scrub pads can keep whitewalls white, thoroughly cleaning them without leading to yellowing.

Vending Towels

Cotton, Terry, or Microfiber, no matter what fabric your customers prefer, you have to give them towels. Few people would step out of a shower and let themselves drip-dry, and cars deserve that same level of care.

Every business needs to sell in order to thrive, and the beauty of a vending machine is that the products actually sell themselves because these sales are often driven by impulse, and these products give your customers what they need, when they need it. If you’re ready to turn your operation into a profit-center, visit Car Wash Superstore today for all your vending machine needs.

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