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6 Reasons to Add a Vending Machine to Your Car Wash

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6 Reasons to Add a Vending Machine to Your Car Wash

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Monday, August 20, 2018

We’ve covered some of the most popular items you should consider stocking in a vending machine in our recent blog, but maybe you find yourself wondering: WHAT ARE THE REASONS TO ADD A VENDING MACHINE? Our list will guide you through this easy and profitable decision.


Start Me Up

Two of the biggest concerns when adding a piece of equipment to your operation are: how much will it cost and how much space will it take? The space concern also factors into the cost, but a money-making vending machine can easily turn an unused corner into a profit center. You can expect a typical vending machine to take up a 40" by 40" space. A refurbished vending machine can be purchased for as little as $1,000 and a brand new piece of equipment often costs under $6,000. These investments often see a return in just a matter of months.

The Return

The reason you can make a profit so quickly is that the markup on vending products can reach from 50% to 100%. Food and beverage items have particularly attractive profit margins, though they come with the extra step of ensuring that all available items are appropriately sold or replaced before they reach their expiration dates and are refrigerated properly.

No Muss, No Fuss

Since we mentioned stocking the machine, the good news is that this is one of the few tasks associated with maintaining your vending machine. This tool works for you 24 hours each day, 7 days a week and never calls in sick or needs a lunch break. In fact, if placed in a well-lit and secure area, ideally with a security camera in place, an outdoor vending machine can even make money for you beyond your car wash’s normal hours of operation. After stocking, the only other major task is to collect the money – but that feels more like fun than work.

Show Me the Money

The cash itself is another great reason to install a vending machine. By operating on a cash basis – coins and bills – you avoid the business risks of dealing with bounced checks or fraudulent credit card charges that get reversed. The use of cash and coin acceptors is accompanied by a need for maintenance, because money is incredibly dirty, and the machinery will acquire gunky buildup over time. However, a high volume cash vending machine will likely cover the cost of maintenance that you save from not paying credit card processing fees.

Modern Love

While credit cards do have those pesky fees, many people prefer cashless transactions, especially younger customers. Many vending machines are now equipped to handle credit cards and other digital transactions, like Apple Pay. Preliminary research has shown that a vending machine customer who pays by credit card will buy more items per visit than a customer paying with cash. Their impulse buying power isn’t limited by the number of bills, coins, or tokens they have on hand. Modern technology and the use of wireless communication can also make it possible to check inventory and sales information remotely.

The Spice of Life

The choices available in the world of vending machines are probably the greatest reason to consider adding this equipment to your host of other services. Cash-based or credit card-equipped; un-powered or electric; indoor or outdoor; stocked with cleaning products or consumables; there are myriad options available. Each choice provides your business an opportunity to customize your offerings precisely to the needs of your clientele. That level of service, providing people with what they need when they need it, is what will keep traffic coming back to your location and driving profitability.

Car Wash Superstore offers several different vending machines, as well as a great selection of vending products. Contact us today for more expert advice on how to keep your clients satisfied! 


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