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Choosing the Right Pump From Cat Pumps

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Choosing the Right Pump From Cat Pumps

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Cat Pumps was established in Minneapolis in 1968, and has been providing outstanding quality and service to businesses around the world ever since. Their products, designed and built by expert engineers and rigorously tested before shipment, are sold and used in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and all across the world. 

They deliver word-class materials with localized and personal customer service. Car Wash Superstore offers a whole line of Cat Pumps and accessories, each one powerful and durable. Read on to learn which pump is right for you and your car wash.

Centrifugal Pumps

Do you need to pump a high volume of liquid at low pressure? A centrifugal pump is the cost-effective solution you need. Unlike some piston and plunger pumps, these machines can move clean water, dirty water, and even some suspended liquids that might gum up the works in alternate pumps. 

Piston Pumps

Classic. Sturdy. Reliable. Piston-powered models from Cat Pumps allow for the greatest suction capabilities, moving fluids in one smooth and consistent motion. Piston pumps can generate significantly more pressure than a centrifugal system. Cat Pumps offers a wide variety of sizes, speeds, and pressure capabilities, each one backed by their zero defect manufacturing philosophy.

Ceramic Plunger Pumps

High pressure, high performance, and high durability define ceramic plunger pumps, and no one does it better than Cat Pumps. Where piston-powered models top out at 1500 psi, plunger pumps can generate up to 10,000 psi. Reading zeroes can get confusing, so let’s look at that again: plunger models can generate pressures up to TEN THOUSAND psi. Ceramic plungers are durable, because the plunger action works with a stationary seal – fewer moving parts means fewer opportunities for malfunction and damage. When you need force, harness the power of the plunger with Cat Pumps.

Bonus: Pulse Pump

Of course your car wash is going to be pumping a lot of H2O, but what about all the other chemicals. A stainless steel high pressure pulse pumps is specially designed to inject harsh chemicals downstream of your main pump, ensuring you can get the clean you need, without damaging your expensive machinery.

Car Wash Superstore carries a full line of products from Cat Pumps, including accessories, replacement parts, and brand-certified oil. An elite athlete needs to fortify themselves with elite nutrition; your elite pump needs the best fuel for its body too.

When you’re buying your next pump, contact the experts at Car Wash Superstore. We can find you the balance of flow, pressure, speed, quality, and durability that fits your operation and your budget!  

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