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How to Cater Your Car Wash to All Ages

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How to Cater Your Car Wash to All Ages

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The foundation of a profitable car wash is repeat customers. You must use every tool at your disposal to make it easy for a customer to return to you over and over again. This is particularly true of family customers, who might be trying to squeeze in a car wash among a thousand other activities and individual wants and needs.

Below is a mix of creative and practical ideas that will help make your car wash a preferred destination for families.

Get Creative

In recent years successful car washes have adapted their whole brands to include fanciful characters and outlandish themes. Martian car washes, dinosaur themed establishments, and more have been popping up all over the country. Often, these playful themes are even brought to life by furry costumed mascots. Colorful signage and a well-executed theme go beyond telling families you’re interested in their business, it shows them.

Play Ball!

With a smaller investment than a total re-brand, you can show a commitment to young people, families, and your community by sponsoring a youth sports team. Your brand name and logo might end up anywhere from the front of a uniform to a league website, or a sign in the outfield. This kind of advertising might be even more valuable than traditional methods since you will have the undivided attention of adoring parents and grandparents!

Shoot for the Moon

Have you heard of a “bubble-cano?” It is exactly what it sounds like – a bubble car wash that looks like a volcano in the middle of an eruption. There aren’t many kids who would turn their noses up at being driven through a sea of molten lava. In fact, a lot of adults would probably enjoy it too. From bubble-canos to LED light shows and sprayable window water-guns, operators everywhere are helping the young and young-at-heart find the fun in washing.

Quick Change

Another low-risk option is to install a quarter-machine candy or toy dispenser. Kids will love that quick hit of sugar or the rush of playing with a new trinket, and it won’t hurt your bottom line either. A triple-dispenser quarter machine can be purchased for under $200 and could begin to turn a profit in short order.

Respect Your Elders

Don’t forget – making a car wash “family friendly” means more than appealing to kids. Seniors are part of the family too! If you want to appeal to a mature crowd, the absolute minimum requirement is to check and make sure that your facility is ADA accessible, so customers who need wheelchairs or other assistive devices can take advantage of your services. You can also implement a Senior Discount on a select day of the week, or year-round. A safe and cool waiting area and large-print signage are two other features that can make older adults feel more welcome.

And that is the bottom line. Make all of your visitors feel welcome and cared for, and they will be your customers for life. If you’re looking for other ways to improve your car wash, contact the experts at Car Wash Superstore. We want you to be part of our family of satisfied independent owners and operators.

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