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5 Essential Products from Armor All

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5 Essential Products from Armor AllŪ

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Monday, November 5, 2018

Ever since the introduction of Maslow's hierarchy of needs in 1943, psychologists have agreed that one of the essential human desires is "SAFETY." 

That's where Armor All® products come in.

Since the invention of their first "miracle formula" in 1962, Armor All® has been keeping cars safe from the harmful effects of the sun and environment. They appreciate cars as working objects of art, and understand that they need to be protected like a Venus de Milo on wheels.

Every Armor All® product has been carefully formulated and tested for high performance, but the following five products are absolute essentials.

Armor All® Original Protectant

The formula that started it all is the perfect solution to keep your car's interior from fading, cracking, and aging. Available from Car Wash Superstore in either a spray or a convenient disposable wipe, this meticulously engineered blend of chemicals will give your car's surfaces a luxe shine, safely renewing vinyl, rubber, and plastic without leaving a nasty residue on your hands. Behind the counter or in a vending machine, your discerning customers will demand Armor All®.

Armor All® Cleaning Products

The Original Protectant is the best preventive auto care product around, but it's inevitable that your car will get dirt somewhere, some time. Don't risk using the harsh chemicals found in household cleaners on your delicate vinyl and rubber interior surfaces. Armor All®'s Cleaning products carry away dirt and grime with ease, revealing your car's natural beauty. The Cleaning solution comes in three forms - a sponge, a pump spray, or in wipes. Cleaning sponge packs are incredibly convenient, perfectly sized to grab from a vending machine and stow in a glove box or console.

Armor All® Leather Wipes

Luxurious materials deserve luxurious treatment. Armor All® Leather Wipes not only dispose of dirt and debris, but a specially formulated conditioner restores the leather's natural suppleness while protecting against future spills, stains, and fading.

Armor All® Glass Cleaner

We can see clearly that Armor All® believes in treating the whole car, not just the interior surfaces. Avoid the devastating mistake of ruining your interior with harsh chemicals intended for household surfaces. Armor All®'s Glass Cleaner will give you a safe and spotless shine every time.

Armor All® Tire Protectant

No one wears a tuxedo with work boots, and your customers shouldn't be driving a car with a spotless body and grimy tires. Armor All® Tire Protectant sprays on and requires no wiping. Your tires will look brand new in minutes as the dirt floats away, and the special formula actually seeps into the rubber, protecting against elements that fade and crack sidewalls.

Bonus - Extreme Tire Shine

When protecting your tires isn't enough, use Armor All®'s Extreme Tire Shine to get that high-gloss wet shine, like you've been driving through a movie set where every street looks like it just stopped being rained on. Extreme Tire Shine's no-wipe formula lasts for several stylish weeks.

Armor All® has a world-class reputation based on innovation and quality. You can trust them to care for your care just as much as you do, and Car Wash Superstore cares enough to carry a full line of these products, trusted more than any others in the auto industry. 

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