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The 10 Best Bay Accessories for Your Car Wash

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The 10 Best Bay Accessories for Your Car Wash

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Monday, November 19, 2018

The business of washing cars is a business of "details." Everyone thinks they know how to wash a car, but a robust set of tools can set you apart from the crowd and establish your wash as a source of expert professionalism. 

We aren't just sitting on the dock of the bay, we're filling it up with all of the best equipment.

Air Dryers

Most "Air Dryer" systems don't actually generate heat in the same way a hair dryer might, but their importance in the car wash process can't be ignored. Even the most immaculate wash can be ruined when water is left to streak, spot, or attract and retain fresh dirt. A great dryer can blow the water off every surface and out of every cranny. 

Bay Lights

Seeing is believing, and you want your customers driving away with supreme confidence that their car has never been cleaner. Light up your bay and you'll light up your customer's life.


Safety is in style. In those unfortunate instances when you need to close a bay, or when you have a hazard on your property, bollards are a convenient tool for blocking customers from driving or walking into unwanted areas. Car Wash Superstore conveniently carries a whole range of bollard covers so your barrier can match the brand of your business. 


There's no point in showing a customer the right tools if they can't actually access them. Wall and ceiling-mounted booms let you suspend hoses in positions that are convenient for your customers to work around every side of the vehicle, while protecting your equipment from getting snagged and dragged by a tire or bumper.

Floor Mat Cleaners

There's no excuse for leaving a single surface of a car dirty. Whether you're looking for a hand-wringer to clean your floor mats, or an automatic brush or squeeze system to get mats back in peak form, Car Wash Superstore has options for your customers to clean their mats without leaving the bay.


Signs, signs, everywhere signs. Another key to helping customers get in and out of your bays with ease, speed, and satisfaction is using bold and instructive imagery to direct them to the necessary tools. Show them the way, and they will follow.

Stop & Go Lights

Just like restaurants, car washes make their reputations from outstanding personal service, while making a profit by quickly rotating patrons through the sales cycle. Take control of your workflow with stylish and functional stop and go lights.

Trash Cans

You're in the professional cleanliness business. A bay full of random litter can quickly brand you an amateur. Sturdy trash cans are essential for making sure your bay is just as clean as the cars that are driving out of it.

Wand Holders

Your customers are protecting a big investment by keeping their cars in top shape. You need to protect your investment in top-of-the line car wash accessories by keeping essential equipment like wands organized. Wand holders are made in wall- and floor-mounted varieties, including special designs to accommodate drips from weep guns.

No two car washes are alike. You have to fine tune your brand and machinery to suit your customers' needs, but if you have these essential bay accessories, your car wash will be prepared to give your community the outstanding customer service it demands. 

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