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5 Little Trees Products to Keep Your Car Fresh

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5 Little Trees Products to Keep Your Car Fresh

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Monday, January 7, 2019

They did it first, and they still do it best.

Little Trees founder Julius Sämann was an expert in Canadian pines. He spent time studying the towering evergreens and extracting gorgeously fragrant oils. When a milk truck driver complained to Sämann about the unpleasant smell of spilled milk, Little Trees were invented to solve the problem. 

These air fresheners have risen to iconic status since their introduction in 1952, featured in songs, movies, and television shows. However, the Little Trees brand hasn't rested on its laurels. They continue to innovate and develop new products to satisfy the car care industry. Here are five of their can't-miss offerings.

Little Trees

The original air freshener still works like a dream! Well, not the actual original - Little Trees generally aren't effective for 60+ years. But, you can get up to seven weeks of stylish and effective odor elimination for your car's interior if you follow the instructions on the packaging. Dozens of scents and designs are available to suit the needs of any driver!

Little Trees in a Can

Some states have safety laws that prevent car owners from obstructing any part of the windshield (no matter how cute the obstruction is), so why not fill your car with an iconic scent like Little Trees' Black Ice with just one long-lasting spray. Little Trees in a Can are convenient, portable, and fit great in a glove-box or console.

Little Trees Pump

Little Trees Pump products can invigorate any car, making it smell brand new, for on-the-go freshness. These handy 2 oz. pump spray bottles are available at Car Wash Superstore in packages of 6 - perfect for stocking your vending machine - or in a variety pack of 24.

Little Trees Vent Clips

Little Trees has outdone itself with its sleekly designed Vent Clips. Little Trees Vent Clips are completely unobtrusive, blending right into your car and providing satisfying aromas all day long, even without air flow

Little Trees Fiber Cans

In your car, in your home, or in your office, the classic Little Trees scents can go wherever you want with these fiber cans. Control the intensity of the scent with an adjustable lid. And with these products you can deliver more than a treat for your nose, they are also friendly to the environment. Each fiber can is made of 50% recycled material from original hanging tree products.

Car Wash Superstore has the supplies to help you and your customers treat the whole car, not just the exterior. Contact us today for great deals on Little Trees and more!

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