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The Best Car Wash Products from Suttner

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The Best Car Wash Products from Suttner

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Monday, February 4, 2019

Now in its second generation, Suttner has been manufacturing the highest quality German-engineered industrial components for over 50 years. They take their inspiration from the fascinatingly specialized archer fish, who combines power and accuracy to hunt its prey with sprayed jets of water. Precision and power are the hallmarks of this venerable brand.

Car Wash Superstore is proud to carry Suttner products, including some of their most innovative creations. If you are looking to explore the world of Suttner, this is the place to start.

Pull the Trigger

Suttner spray guns are the future of water propulsion, and backed by the experience of 50 years of manufacturing expertise. Suttner patented their Low Trigger Force technology, allowing users “to achieve a lot with little energy.” When compared with other trigger guns on the car wash market, these tools require 90% less holding force and 40% less trigger force. Don’t worry about working hard, with Suttner you can work smart.

For the heaviest duty projects, check out the High Pressure High Volume Trigger Gun with Stainless Steel Fittings. A solid 2.58 lb. piece of equipment, this non-weep gun operates up to 8500 PSI.

When Push Comes to Shove

Another patented Suttner technology, the Push & Pull Lance is another example of a product perfectly constructed for the task at hand. Just right for applications in the most difficult to reach places, these lances angle from 20 to 90 degrees. Get underneath fender walls, truck bellies, and heavy equipment without hassle, when you’re using a sturdy and lightweight Suttner lance.

Get a Grip

Suttner is focused on making life easier for the professional cleaning industry. Once you’ve purchased a high-quality wand or lance from Car Wash Superstore, don’t forget to complete it with a vented grip or ergonomic handle.

Vented grips easily adjust to fit anywhere on a lance, and they allow heat to dissipate, providing a cooler surface for the user. Suttner grips and handles make car washing more comfortable, especially over the course of a busy day at a high-volume facility.

Treat yourself to high quality. The power, performance, and reliability of Suttner equipment is sure to exceed your expectations, just like Car Wash Superstore.

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