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Keep Your Car Wash Safe for Employees and Customers

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Keep Your Car Wash Safe for Employees and Customers

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Car washes play a hero's role, since an outstanding regimen of auto detailing can go a long way towards protecting a vehicle. But who is left to protect the protectors?

Your car wash needs to remain safe for you, your customers, and your employees. A safety breach can lead to a long and costly shutdown. Keep close watch on the following areas to protect your people and your business.

Accidents Happen

Slips, trips, falls, and strains are some of the most common safety problems at a car wash, and employees are the most likely victims. Perhaps the biggest component of any car wash facility is water. In the warmer months water can make surfaces slick, and in the winter it can quickly and invisibly become a huge hazard.

Many slips, trips and falls can be avoided simply by eliminating running. No matter how urgent a customer's need, it's never worth compromising safety.

Additionally, all employees should be trained in proper ladder and lifting procedure to avoid strains, pulls and other injuries.

Traffic Cop

We love cars, but just like any piece of heavy machinery, they can pose threats to safety. If your facility uses a conveyor system, then an employee should never be in front of a vehicle after it enters the bay. Make sure that your signage is clearly visible and speaks directly in common terms to manage the flow of customers safely and efficiently.

Best practice is to ensure that traffic only moves in one direction on your property. This minimizes opportunities for surprise traffic accidents for employees and customers. Cones and directional lights can also help dictate traffic flow.

We highly recommend that you outfit your employees in bright-colored uniforms. Keeping your team visible in all conditions reduces the chance of injury, and also improves customer service.

Chemical Reactions

The harsh chemicals that remove grime from customers' precious vehicles can also unfortunately do a number on the people who (mis)handle them. All chemicals should be properly labeled or have accompanying Safety Data Sheets. Eye protection and gloves should be made available when necessary, along with a wash station for emergencies.

A Charged Situation

Water and electricity make a potentially fatal partnership. Anyone handling electrical equipment should use a grounding mat, and towels should be made plentifully available so employees can thoroughly dry themselves before touching any electrical equipment.

Seeing is Believing

Safety means more than avoiding injury. Keep your facility safe by using quality lighting equipment that deters thieves and vandals. We also recommend installing a camera system. This way you can document crimes or accidents.

As with all safety equipment, you never know how valuable it is until you have the unfortunate need to use it. Don't put yourself in a position of regretting what you could have done. Staying safe means staying open, and staying profitable.

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