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Getting Started with CryptoPay from Genesys Technology

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Getting Started with CryptoPay from Genesys Technology

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Monday, March 4, 2019

Since its introduction, the CryptoPay credit card system has quickly established itself as a car wash industry leader. Their comprehensive and easy-to-install system is cost effective, secure, and simple. With a tough casing and hardcry components, CryptoPay is strong enough to withstand even the harshest and most corrosive environments. In order to get started with CryptoPay from Genesys Technology you will need the items below, all available at Car Wash Superstore.

CryptoPay Wireless Swiper

The swiper is the most important element of the CryptoPay system, since it's the point of direct contact for your customers. When they pull up to an automatic or self-serve station, the swiper's cascading waterfall lighting design will draw the customer's eye and let them know your bay, vacuum, or pet wash is up and running and ready to serve.

Swipers can be configured to count up, count down, or used in auto-cashier or vending machine modes. All of these options are configurable and easily managed through an online portal.

The CryptoPay swipers are sturdy devices that can attach to a coin box timer with just three wires, and have a secure wireless connection to the CryptoPay Coordinator. 

CryptoPay Coordinator

When it comes to making credit card payments, there's nothing more important to a customer than security. Visitors need to know that they are paying only what has been advertised for given products and services without being put at risk for fraud. 

When a credit card first makes contact with the swiper, the information is instantly encrypted and sent to the coordinator, which essentially serves as a private dedicated payment router. Once the card is validated, authorization is communicated back to the device.

The coordinator is equipped to operate simultaneously with up to 50 swipers at one location. This affordable system is scalable for even the largest facilities.

Retrofit Kits

A swiper and a coordinator are all the equipment you need to start accepting credit card payments, but CryptoPay has also conveniently created Retrofit Kits that preserve previous investments in Hamilton or Unitec pay stations. Incorporate your secure and reliable CryptoPay swipers in no time at all with a handy Retrofit Kit.

When you're looking for best-of-brand equipment that drives profit and keeps customers satisfied, turn to Car Wash Superstore. "Swipe right" on Cryptopay and contact us today.

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