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American Changer Products Always Fit the Bill

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

If you’re looking for a U.S.-based company that’s committed to serving the needs of the car wash industry, then American Changer fits the bill. For over a quarter of a century they have created bill changers, coin and token dispensers, smart card kiosks, and more with dozens of designs built to integrate with a variety of industry-leading bill validator technologies.

Car Wash Superstore only stocks the best equipment and supplies, so it’s no surprise that we are an authorized dealer of American Changer machines. If you’re ready for a change, then check out some of our favorite offerings from this venerable company.

Watch Your Back

American Changer understands that not all facilities are built the same, so their rear load changers are designed to accommodate different configurations. Whether you want a bill validator from industry-leader Mars or a lower-cost option from Pyramid, the American Changer system is sure to deliver reliability and high performance with note stacking capacities from 500 to 1,700 and hopper capacities that go up to 11,200 quarters or tokens.

Want to go cashless? American Changer also has a rear load changer system that exclusively accepts credit cards, with support from the DialTran Dial Up System, and outputs tokens. This is a great option for owner/operators who feel less comfortable storing cash and coins in potentially vulnerable locations.

Calling All Stations

Making a profit often boils down to making it easy for customers to give you their money. American Changer pay stations seamlessly integrate payment and services. Customers use the large and easy-to-read LCD interface to pick the products they want. These pay systems support four wash selections and up to 25 pre-programmed discount codes.

Choose from packages that include bill validators from Mars, Pyramid, or CoinCo. You can also select a system that includes its own native credit card reader, or add on the optional credit card reader from CryptoPay when you’re ready.

Token Economy

Tired of constant trips to the bank for heavy rolls of quarters? American Changer makes sturdy tokens built expressly for their systems. With tokens, and a robust selection of replacement parts, American Changer has every element of the payment process covered – on that you can bet your bottom dollar!


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