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6 Ways to Make Your Car Wash More Eco Friendly

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6 Ways to Make Your Car Wash More Eco-Friendly

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Monday, April 8, 2019

If you own or manage a car wash and love the environment, then we have great news for you: you are already helping the Earth.

The average home car wash uses up to 140 gallons of fresh water, while a typical commercial wash uses just 45 gallons. That's a huge savings for one of our most precious natural resources. Pro washes beat the amateurs in another important way, since the DIY washer is going to introduce all of their chemical-tainted runoff directly into storm drains and public waterways instead of following the exacting sanitation standards pros are required to meet. 

But, of course, there are further steps you can take if you want to make your operation more eco-friendly. Not only are environmentally-conscious practices great for the planet, but younger drivers are increasingly drawn to companies with green products and messaging. Many millenials and members of Generation Z will even pay more for products that support green initiatives

Here are 6 ways you can make your location more eco-friendly:

The Safety Dance

Despite moves by some states and municipalities to eliminate hydroflouric acid (HF) and ammonium bi-flouride, these harsh chemicals are still used in many operations. According to the CDC, these chemicals can result in irritation of the eyes, skin, nose, and throat; burns, bronchitis, bone damage, blindness and more. These are dangerous chemicals to expose your employees to, and guess what: people are part of the environment. 

While these chemicals set the standard for years when it came to removing grime, they should be removed from your shelves at the fastest opportunity if you want to go green (and not turn green).

A Soft Touch

According to "Professional Carwashing & Detailing" the effectiveness of a detergent is decreased by 6% for every grain of hardness in water. It may seem counter-intuitive, but by softening your water, you can actually reduce the amount of chemicals introduced into your aquifer.

Stake a Claim

Water recycling systems have advanced incredibly in recent years, so that even the final rinse can incorporate re-claimed water while delivering spot-free service. Recycling systems are good for the environment in every community, but they are especially of value in areas that experience frequent droughts. If almost all of your water is recycled, then you minimize the risk of having your supply rationed in the event of a water shortage.

Out Like a Light

Reducing your energy consumption is key to reducing your environmental impact, and switching to LED fixtures can go a long way toward meeting that goal. Again from "Professional Carwashing & Detailing," they estimate that the cost of converting a 100-foot tunnel is approximately $5,000 and that investment can start showing a profit in as few as 12 months when the reduced energy cost is calculated. That's good for the environment and your bottom line.

Let's Go For a Drive

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) regulate the use of electricity by big energy drainers. One example is with large-scale dryers. These often take more energy to power up than they do to run consistently. By installing a VFD and adjusting your horsepower settings based on what is absolutely necessary to provide a thorough clean, you can ensure consistent and profitable service.

Tunnel Vision

When it comes to regulating the usage of high-powered equipment, you can't forget the tunnel. By selecting a tunnel controller that provides staggered starts, time-based priming, to-the-inch accuracy, saturation control, and vehicle profiling, you can increase your energy savings.

The car wash continues to evolve along with the car and our society. The good news is that being a responsible citizen also makes you a responsible businessperson. Most of these environmentally-friendly measures actually pay for themselves over time. If you're looking for a variety of cost-effective tools, equipment, and supplies, contact Car Wash Superstore today. We love to help owners help themselves!

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