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Spring Cleaning the Best Way to Maintain Your Motors

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Spring Cleaning: the Best Way to Maintain Your Motors

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Monday, April 22, 2019

Car wash owners are in the cleanliness business, and it’s hard to sell your customers on an ability to provide spotless service if you haven’t maintained your own facility.

Let’s face it, in many parts of the country, winter is just plain gross. Salt leaves stains behind and corrodes everything. And when big drifts of snow begin their slow thaws, standing water, and all of the weird things frozen beneath turn to mush and muck and just generally gum up the works.

Your facility should already be following a daily and monthly cleaning schedule, but when spring comes around, one piece of equipment needs extra-special attention to ensure that your car wash is ready to handle customers ready for a spring clean of their vehicle.

You need to make sure all of your electric motors are in tip-top shape – as their ability to power conveyors, pumps, dryers and blowers, and other equipment make them a top driver of profits.

Unfortunately, the essential stop-and-start action of a motor gradually wears away the equipment’s insulation. This is already an issue that requires close attention year-round, but when compounded by the harsh and corrosive conditions of winter weather, you could be looking at a disastrous period of downtime.

When spring rolls around, make sure that your motors are healthy:

Clean Living

Get the outside completely free of any dirt or debris. Remove excess water, oil, and grease. And make sure the dirt, oil, grease and other materials you clear away get disposed of properly. Removing excess grease from a motor then leaving it where another piece of equipment could be affected would defeat your purpose!

Make sure that ventilation openings aren’t clogged. If these vents get blocked, your motor could overheat and unexpectedly shut down.

Big Wheels Keep On Turning

Keep your motor properly lubricated. Your equipment’s manual will indicate the type of grease your motor requires, and how frequently it needs to be checked and replaced. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Put it in your calendar.

Testing 1, 2, 3…

After cleaning and lubricating your motors, make sure to test them. By testing your equipment, you can head off potential shutdowns by preempting an equipment failure.

You can even purchase a “megger” to periodically check the integrity of a motor’s insulation – that means the quality of the electrical pipeline. This degrades over time, and a low reading may mean it’s time to repair or replace your motor.

Using preventive maintenance to head off any equipment breakdowns will help you avoid costly interruptions in service.

In addition to following all manufacturer-suggested maintenance schedules, plan to regularly driving through your wash. Experience your services as if you were a customer and keep an eye out for any problem areas. A clean, smooth-functioning facility can retain customers and build long-lasting relationships. Keep your car wash ready at all times by buying the best equipment, and keeping it running right.

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