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Choosing the Right Procon Pump

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Choosing the Right Procon Pump

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Procon Pumps has been serving a variety of industries for nearly 70 years - setting a standard for excellence in the beverage market, with cooling systems, atomizing and misting, steam cleaning, and of course, the car wash industry. Their rotary vane pumps, first developed in 1948, are hand-crafted, dependable, and used throughout the world.

Across all six lines of their pumps, they "provide new pumps to manufacturers and end users for systems that require transferring clean liquids at pressures up to 250 psi and flows up to 11 gallons per minute."

With so many options across their six styles of pump, you have a few important decisions to make when selecting your Procon products.


Procon's Series 1 pumps feature a 100 mesh wire strainer that filters out and traps particles that could cause catastrophic damage to your pump. Under normal conditions this filter should only have to be cleaned every 4 months - you can do it yourself, no maintenance professionals needed - and it helps to keep your equipment running better for longer. This feature is only available on the Series 1 pumps.

Big Brass Ring

What kind of liquids will you be pumping? This will lead the decision on which material you want to select for your Procon Pump. Most models are available in either stainless steel or low-lead brass, with steel being your best option for withstanding the punishment of harsh chemicals.


What kind of motor will your pump be attaching to? Procon Pumps are available in configurations fit for flange (bolt) attachment, or oriented to work with clamps. Worried about an extra piece of equipment? Don't worry. We stock the clamps too!

Once you've sorted through the three options above, the only question left is the power that you require. Our selection of Procon Pumps range from a max PSI of 99 up to 250, and are capable of delivering all the way up to 480 gallons per hour. Car Wash Superstore carries nearly 30 different models of Procon Pumps, plus motors and accessories. Contact us today to elevate the quality of your equipment and increase the flow of customers into your site.

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