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The Dema Engineering Difference

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Ten years into the DEMA Engineering journey, founder Hermann Deutsch wrote in a corporate newsletter that, “The feeling for quality, which is the instinct for excellent performance, can ‘get into your bones.’ Quality can make work worth doing. The feeling for quality, once it gets into your bones, can be a terrific asset.”

That quote from 1966 continues to permeate the company’s operations, as they engineer and distribute the highest quality fluid control devices and components from their home base in St. Louis, Missouri to outlets across the world. Their equipment has expanded into many industries over 50+ years, but they have been true to their roots and run by one family this whole time, now in their third generation of leadership.

Car Wash Superstore is proud to carry these meticulously designed and tested products – here are just a few areas where DEMA Engineering can make a difference in the quality of your car wash.


It’s time to inject a new level of quality into your car wash. We’re highlighting DEMA Injectors that are sure to satisfy your needs.

DEMA Rocket Chemical Injectors

Perfect for low flow applications, these Rocket injectors are available to suit several flow needs at max 200 psi from 0.30 to 5.3 gpm. Pick which configuration works best for you in either a 3/8” MPT x 3/8” MPT or Quick Connect x 3/8” MPT option. Different color tips help you quickly identify your orifice size/flow rate which dictates your GPM so your facility operates at the highest level of efficiency.

B-Series and C-Series

DEMA’s adjustable water flow injectors come with three different nozzles so you can accurately size each injector according to the desired flow rate. Operators will be sure to appreciate the flexibility of being able to handle fluid that flows at max 300 PSI from 0.37 to 94 GPM. The B-Series and C-Series Injectors come with a handy external bypass screw or metering tips that control flow across the injector. These injectors come in numerous pipe sizes ranging from 1/8" to 1" MPT.


Open yourself up to new possibilities!

Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves are the most common type of regulator for fluids, and they also happen to be a specialty of DEMA Engineering.

Car Wash Superstore carries a variety of solenoid valves from DEMA. “Normally Open” or “Normally Closed”? Diaphragm, Pilot-Piston, or Direct? If you know what you want, DEMA makes it. If you don’t know what you want, the experts at Car Wash Superstore can guide you to the most effective solution.

Block Valves

It’s a block party!

Depending on the fluids you’re working with you might prefer the brass or the stainless steel block manifold valves on offer from DEMA. Does the flow need to be accurately measured? Only pay for the features you need, by selecting their metered or non-metered options.

Blend Center

The modular design of the DEMA Blend Center lets you combine multiple units with multiple flow levels into one integrated system. When you have different fluid needs but want to avoid looking like an amateur operation, mix-and-match these units, with a varied selection of button colors to suit all of your fluid distribution needs.

DEMA has been providing outstanding service to the laundry, kitchen, irrigation, and car wash industries for over half a century. Basically, anyone who uses water can use a DEMA Engineering product! Contact the car wash experts today to learn about how these innovative solutions can be incorporated into your facility!

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