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Clean Auto Glass Without Leaving a Scratch

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Clean Auto Glass Without Leaving a Scratch

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Monday, July 1, 2019

Few things bug a car owner more than a giant splat right in the middle of the windshield.

Unfortunately, when it comes to removing pesky spots and debris from auto glass, so many people are going about it all wrong!

As an auto care professional, you need to know the proper way to clean auto glass without leaving scratches, or causing other problems that could damage a car.

Daily Dose of Fiber

The easiest way to scratch auto glass is to use the wrong material for chemical application and removal.

Never use paper towels to clean auto glass. They are abrasive and bad for the environment. Save a tree and save the glass – it’s a win-win.

And don’t even think about using rags, or that old high-school t-shirt. These cloth materials can create a multitude of micro-scratches that grow over time and weaken a windshield.

Your best option for cleaning auto glass is a handful of high-quality microfiber towels. Microfiber towels absorb water at a rate that blows away other fabrics, and they create a minor electromagnetic charge that sucks up lint and debris. When you clean glass with a microfiber towel, the dirt and grime gets pulled off the glass, rather than being dragged around – that dragging is how scratches happen.

Hitting the Bottle

While we talk about materials, it’s also important to choose the right chemicals to clean the windshield, side windows, and mirrors. It might be convenient, but you should never grab that bottle of household cleaning solution. Household chemicals almost all use ammonia or alcohol. This dries out and deteriorates plastic, vinyl, rubber, and leather. Ammonia also creates dangerous fumes that can have a negative impact on your health if inhaled.

Cleaners made for cars are always ammonia and alcohol free, since the household products can also ruin tinting.

Some people like to clean auto glass with just water, but that might not be strong enough to cut through tough grease or debris. The choice is yours – as long as you don’t use the blue stuff from your bathroom!

Step by Step

So you’ve acquired the best materials, now let’s follow these steps to get a spotless and scratch-free set of windows.

  • Save the best for last.
  • Clean auto glass as the final step in detailing, otherwise new particles will find their way onto the surfaces, and you’ll have to repeat your work.

  • Avoid direct sunlight and extreme heat.
  • Evaporating chemicals leave behind pesky residues.

  • Roll down the windows.
  • Many people overlook the hidden topmost portion of a window, covered by a rubber gasket. Clean this area first, then roll the windows back up to clean the remainder.

  • Throw in the towel.
  • Make sure you have plenty of microfiber towels on hand. You want to use separate towels or sides for application of chemicals and removal. This avoids simply picking up dirt from one location and spreading it to the next.

  • Buff is bad.
  • We all loved “The Karate Kid,” but a circular buffing motion can lead to missed spots and uneven application. Clean in straight lines, side-to-side, then up-and down.

  • Wipe away grime.
  • After all the windows have been cleaned, make sure you attend to the windshield wipers. Auto glass cleaner or vinegar can be used to eliminate grime that accumulates on wiper blades. If blades are left in a dirty condition, then they will continue to spread particles on your freshly cleaned glass.

  • Look in the mirror
  • Don’t forget to clean the side and rearview mirrors with the same attention to detail you have given the rest of the glass.

It’s called auto “detailing” for a reason. The more meticulously you prepare a customer’s vehicle, the more likely they are to be satisfied. Only you can put in outstanding effort, and Car Wash Superstore has the outstanding materials to support your work. Contact us today to learn more about how you can elevate your service to a spotless level.

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