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JE Adams Equipment is Durable and Long Lasting

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JE Adams Equipment is Durable and Long-Lasting

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Monday, July 15, 2019

Most successful businesses are built on trust. Customers return time and again because they trust that you’ll provide spotless service every time. They trust they’ll get value for their money.

But before the customer, the car wash owner and operator also has to trust that their equipment will safely and reliably serve the customer’s needs.

This is where JE Adams comes in!

They’ve been manufacturing car wash equipment for over 40 years, and their vacuums and air machines are rigorously tested. These car wash devices all receive the ETL safety mark before reaching the market. This is one of the world’s most-recognized safety certifications.

Inspectors, owners and customers recognize JE Adams’ quality, now let’s look at four of their best products:

Don’t Get “Hosed”

Self-serve vacuums can represent a large investment, with brand new equipment starting at over $1,000. JE Adams 9200 series vacuums are known as “Super Vacs” for a reason, and are an investment you won’t regret.

These no-fuss self-serve vacuums come in a wide variety of options. Do you want two powerful motors or three? Either way, you’re sure to have the power you need.

You can also choose from a variety of hose colors and dome sizes so that your new revenue-generating machine can fit your brand, and fit in the perfect outdoor space on your property. They even have lighted dome options, so you can draw the attention of customers day and night.

Life is Complicated

The simplicity of JE Adams’ vacuum design is a great benefit to car wash owners and operators, but in a busy world, a lot of people are looking to multi-task.

In fact, you might say that the multi-tasking of eating while driving helps keep the auto vacuum business rolling!

In addition to their many vacuum units, JE Adams also creates sturdy units that offer air, water, fragrances and shampoo/spot remover featuressatisfying all of your customer’s self-serve needs at once.

And don’t forget to customize your unit with security accessories, coin counters, and multi-colored hoses.

In the Nick of Time

Of course you want to serve your customers, and in that process, you’d probably like to make it easy for them to part with their money.

JE Adams’ accumulating timers are compatible with all of their company’s vacuums and air hoses. The accumulating configuration makes it easy for customers to add time and money while in the middle of cleaning, eliminating the hassle of starting and stopping a job.

They also have a non-accumulating model, if that fits your business’ needs.

Don’t Weep Alone

Trigger guns are a vital component of any car wash. A sturdy, reliable, and ergonomically friendly delivery device for powerful water and chemicals makes the difference between a car that gets clean and a customer who never comes back.

JE Adams trigger guns, both weep and non-weep models, have brass fittings and a stainless steel needle and ball. They stand up tough to harsh chemicals while delivering powerful performance at up to 4500 PSI.

All of JE Adams’ products are incredibly durable and easy to maintain. You can trust that after 40+ years of success, they’ll continue to be around when you need replacement motors or parts. Always check first with Car Wash Superstore for your JE Adams equipment and more – we only carry the best!

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