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Tips to Increase Profit at Your Car Wash

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Tips to Increase Profit at Your Car Wash

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Monday, February 3, 2020

As a car wash owner, it's no secret that the key to a successful business is being able to stand apart from the crowd. You not only want to provide your customers with a great wash service, but also make sure they have the options they're looking for. Luckily, providing some of the following options can be a great way to bring in extra revenue.

5 Ways to Increase Profit

  1. Vacuums: Help your customers get both their car's exterior and interior shining by offering high-powered vacuums. Whether you're offering it as self-serve or part of a full service option from an attendant, this is a great add-on that will be sure to increase profits.
  2. Vending Machines: Holding anything from air fresheners and car cleaning products to food and beverages, vending machines are a great option to add to your property. With a potential markup of 50%-100% on items, the profit margins alone make adding them an easy decision. 
  3. Pet wash: About 85 million families own a pet in the United States which means that now is the perfect time to add a profitable pet wash. The best part? Added revenue isn't the only benefit that comes with these convenient machines.
  4. Loyalty program: What's the best way to keep customer's coming back? Offer them an incentive with a loyalty program. Creating this doesn't have to be a daunting task, in fact it can be something as simple as a punch card where if somebody purchases a certain number of washes, they get one free. These exclusive offers or rewards offered will keep people coming back to your wash over and over again.
  5. Air Machines: Your customers are looking for convenience. A one-stop shop where they can enter with a dirty car and leave with one that looks, and feels, like new. Make sure you're providing them with all the amenities they're looking for by placing air machines around your property. These are the perfect way to give them everything they need while also adding to your bottom line.

Owning a car wash isn't easy. With all the competition, it's important that you work to stand out. These 5 simple tips are a perfect way to help create a brand that is not only memorable, but turns first time visitors into life long customers. Still have questions or looking for a specific item? Contact Car Wash Superstore! A member of our friendly team would love to help!

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