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Universal Brush's Best Products

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Universal Brush has been an industry leader in American-made automatic car wash accessories since 1944. Car Wash Superstore is proud to offer their high quality and high value products. Let’s take a look at five of their most impressive offerings.

Monster Hogs Hair Brush

You probably don’t associate hogs with the pinnacle of cleanliness, but for years hog’s hair has set the standard for cleaning brush excellence. A little more expensive than nylon and other synthetic materials, these brushes not only last longer, but they return to their natural shape with greater ease than other materials. A cleaning brush is going to get poked, prodded and bent all day, but hog’s hair is incredibly resilient. Longer lasting, gentler on car finishes, and with more bristles per square inch, this monster-sized brush offers you quantity and quality.

Nylon Foamy Brushes

A few dollars (or even pennies) can sometimes make the difference between profit and loss, and Universal’s nylon brushes provide a great balance of quality and affordability. We’re fans of the aluminum head models with rubber bumpers. These brushes combine the durability of metal construction with a plastic barrier to protect car finishes from sharp metal edges. Bonus points are awarded for the variety of colors that are available - heads and brushes can be selected to match your operation’s brand.

16” Tampico Spoke Brush

Universal’s original automatic car wash brush was made from Tampico, a natural cactus fiber. Too often wheels are overlooked when it comes to giving a complete wash. This spoke brush solves that problem with a material that is abrasive enough to get the job done, but minimizes the risk of scratching.

Universal Round Hog’s Hair Prep Brush

We’ve already sung the praises of hog’s hair, and this scratch-free prep brush is the best tool to ready a car for washing. Remove surface dirt and dust so you can focus on the details and making sure your customers leave with a spotless car. We outfit experts, and a heart surgeon wouldn’t go into the operating room without prepping. You shouldn’t wash an automobile without prepping either.

Universal Brush has been an innovator in the car wash industry for over 70 years. Car Wash Superstore is proud to carry their products and can’t wait to see what they develop next!

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